mandag 14. desember 2009


Brian Cox happens to be one of The Dodologist's favourite actors. He also turns out to be a great teacher. Here he is teaching young Theo a not entirely unfamous monologue by some Danish prince:

Priceless, isn't it? Though as someone points out in the comments on YouTube: "I don't know. Cute, yes, but his performance lacked substance. I had trouble feeling any real inner torment from him. I think Hamlet should be cast a little older, in my humble opinion."

Some of the discussions between teacher and student reminded me of this little dialogue, that I found on the website of Twitter favourite @lipstattoo.

– You remind me of the babe.
– What babe?
– Babe with the power.
– What power?
– Power of Voodoo.
– Who do?
– You do.
– Do what?
– Remind me of the babe.

Thanks to Trond for bringing it to my attention.

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