søndag 13. desember 2009


The Dodologist isn’t among the biggest fans of Robert Allan Zimmerman. He has made some good records, by all means, but as being of his biggest fans means never listening to anything else, The Dodologist limits himself to liking Mr. Zimmerman.

But, as The Dodologist’s wife was very clear that Mr. Zimmerman's Christmas record was destined for The Nest, off His Grumpiness went, ho-ho-ho-ing.

And lo and behold what a good idea that was. It’s playing right now and it’s great fun. Yep, it actually sounds like Mr. Zimmerman is having fun. Now that’s a real surprise for Christmas.

Whatever, here is the man, singing William Fredericks and Hal Moore’s Must Be Santa. Now that’s what we needed: Christmas polka.


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