mandag 2. november 2009


The dodo bird is extinct.

It was a big, slow and peaceful pigeon – entirely unable to fly – that had adapted perfectly to the conditions on a group of islands where it didn’t have a single enemy.

Then humans showed up. They brought dogs and pigs.

And suddenly it was a really bad idea to lay one egg, once in a rare while, directly on the ground – and then mock about doing other stuff while it hatched itself.

Suddenly the dodo bird was extinct.

The Dodologist is a project in the spirit of the dodo. While reality runs its course around us, we drink our tea and take note of the sufficiently unimportant with our virtual fountain pen.

These notes may cover a large area of subjects, but stuff like music, literature, religion and politics may show up.

Consider yourself warned.

The Dodologist is male and middle aged, rude, annoyed and elitist. He does agree than no one has invented a better political system than democracy – but still doesn’t like it.

The Dodologist is a self declared reactionary, but realizes that the best thing about the past is that it is past. It's not that they did everything well back then, but the past being past means we can focus on the good stuff.

And at least they didn’t have gangster rap. Or “psychics” solving crimes on television.

People are people, and mostly annoying, but if you have the dignity not to reduce yourself to a group membership or your own victimhood, there is every chance we may interact in a civil way.

This being the internet, though, the chances are good that we won’t. That is probably for the best.

2 kommentarer:

  1. All hail the dodologist! He is like Spengler, but with a sense of humour and decency.

  2. Spengler, Shmengler.

    But all hail the foremost beast of Little Storping in the Swuff


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