onsdag 18. november 2009


Man, this is annoying. The Dodologist was writing this great post on one of his favourite recording artists, and then he figured out it was even better suited for this blog magazine of which he is the editor. It’s called Knokkelklang, which in English means something like Bone Song. Though, being a word play on the Norwegian title of a rather famous Christmas tune, it’s better translated as Jingle Bones.

As the post has been in progress for a few days, it has effectively eaten up all the time The Extinct One had for meaningful posting, leaving only time for YouTubeing and junk blogging. Something has to be done. It has to be done right now.

What is one to do?

Oh, bugger it, another Benny Hill video will carry us over to a new shiny day of blogish geniusness. Meet Ze German Professor:


2 kommentarer:

  1. I do not doubt you could have come up with something better, but why should you? Benny is bliss :D


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