mandag 9. november 2009


Not only is The Dodologist well versed in the way of dodologism, he is also a folklorist by education and a (self declared) vampirologist.

Back in the early years of the decade, he wrote a book on vampires in his native Norwegian, and, as the bloodsucking monsters once again are frolicking on a screen near you, his publisher has, in their infinite wisdom (i.e. need to make some money), decided to release it as a paperback. Which is nice.

That again means he has to do things like debating vampires in a panel at the Oslo Science Fiction Festival (which was fun), talk to journalists (which mostly isn’t) and give talks (which very well may be, at least for him).

Being a board member of Oslo’s Heretic Basement, he said yes to himself when he asked if he would like to give a talk there. So he will. This thursday, November the 12th, to be precise.

In the words of the formidable C.M.O.T. Dibbler: “Bee there orr bee a rectangular thyng!”

The picture, by the way, is from the Spanish language version of the classic Dracula, filmed at night at the set where the English one, with Bela Lugosi, was being made during the day. Carlos Villarias is Draula.

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