lørdag 5. desember 2009


Last December, on a now extinct Norwegian blog, His Grumpiness ran a string of posts with Christmas jokes; all of them funny, though maybe not all of them in the best of taste.

To avoid the temptation to be too lazy and once again post them in bits and pieces, here are the ones worth repeating:

If that did not make you laugh, you are on the wrong blog.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Didn,t know Elvis played the guitar left-handed. Apart from that, I liked the starbucks best. Punning on Maxwell House is probably impossible? Maybe one about "Santas reindeers must hold good till the last drop"?

  2. The German one always makes me laugh my end off.

  3. Well, Rudoph the Red knows rain, dear.

  4. knis. dårlige spøker er ofte de beste. og jeg liker å kommentere på norsk når jeg vet det blir forstått, for norsk er yndlingsspråket mitt. bare sånn at du vet det. ~ kjersti

  5. I've run the German NichtLustig comic through Google Translate.
    Santa: It has the beautiful Santa Claus colors, it has a cute little Christmas man in the middle, so what does not fit you to my new logo?
    Reindeer: You have a beard.
    - Josep


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