tirsdag 1. desember 2009


It was the city I had known before;
The ancient, leprous town where mongrel throngs
Chant to strange gods, and beat unhallowed gongs
In crypts beneath foul alleys near the shore.
The rotting, fish-eyed houses leered at me
From where they leaned, drunk and half-animate,
As edging through the filth I passed the gate
To the black courtyard where the man would be.

The dark walls closed me in, and loud I cursed
That ever I had come to such a den,
When suddenly a score of windows burst
Into wild light, and swarmed with dancing men:
Mad, soundless revels of the dragging dead -
And not a corpse had either hands or head!


"The Courtyard" is poem no. IX from the cycle Fungi from Yuggoth.

3 kommentarer:

  1. The Fungi is the most interesting of Lovecraft's poetic works. Do you know Lin Carter's "Dreams of R'Lyeh?" It's also some of the best Lovecraftian poetic work out there.


  2. I only know Carter's work through his Lordship's mention of it. I notice that the meter is the same as in The Fungi.

  3. Which is hardly a coincidence. "Dreams" is an hommage to "Fungi". But quite a good one!


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