tirsdag 17. august 2010


Some things ... Some things are just plain weird. Like the lyrics of Glenn Tilbrook's song The Genitalia of a Fool. Or like somebody creating a YouTube video to the song, only using footage of Johnny Depp - which, as far as I can gather from the World Weird Web, likes the music of Tilbrook and Squeeze.

Anyway, try not to watch the video, while you listen to this great example of Very Sad Country Music. You may keep your eyes on the lyrics instead. They are below.

The Genitalia of a Fool

Everybody's got a hobby
Everybody's got a schtick
Please consider me eccentric
Don't think of me as sick

Didn't mean to spoil your party
I didn't mean to be uncool
But I'm standing here holding
The genitalia of a fool

'Cause I thought if I exposed myself
You'd fall in love with me
But when I burst in
To my chagrin
You had company

I'm afraid I've shown your family
the wrong kind of family jewels
'Cause I'm standing here holding
the genitalia of a fool

Well I guess the show is over
so I'll just go on home
I'll pack my prize possession
it's the nicest thing I own

Didn't mean to scare the children
or make your grandma drool
but I'm standing here holding
the genitalia of a fool

And I pray that you'll forgive me
and try to understand
But I'm afraid you'll always picture me
with my whole world in my hands

And I'll go through life just wondering
how fate could be so cruel
Left me standing here holding
the genitalia of a fool

Now I wish that you were holding,
the genitalia of this fool

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