mandag 18. januar 2010


My friend, the Mad Mullah, has put up an instruction video for Para Para dancing - that subtle and lovely Japanese addition to teen culture. But ... it's without music. That's really utterly pointless. Now this is what Para Para should look - and sound - like:

It's silly. It's embarrassing. It's annoying. And the music is the perfect drug for pointless tasks in the office - when mixed with at least six shots of espresso.

And the best thing, The Very Best Thing, this being music directed at japanese 14 year olds and mostly written by Italians, is of course the lyrics. As some of you may not be fluent in Japanese, here are the English lyrics for Ike Ike (which really should be heard in the Tri-Star version):

Ike Ike

Living night
I need to feel imagination
Yes, all right
I need a rhythm invasion
Sing together "na-na-na-na"
I wanna dance all the night
Oh - oh - oh Oh - oh - oh

Ehy, DJ John Robinson
Make me feel the rhythm and hot desire
In Roppongi Tokyo
Keep me into your heaven
Baby, take me higher

Lucky night, pretty girl
Mini-skirt Ikeike
Hi-heel shoes and then you feel the power
Ikeike, magic nights
And the blue, my baby, will go bye

Lovely night
You take me up imagination
In my heart
You bring me up your confusion
When you dance I'm gonna head out
I like to dance eurobeat
Oh - oh - oh Oh - oh - oh

It's great poetry, though not quite as good as the lyrics to Cantare Ballare (Happy Eurobeat). Then again, few things are. That might be a reason for cheerfulness. Then again, maybe not.

(As to the title of this post: This was written listening to Matt Howdens record As They Should Sound. It's not half bad. But it's useless for Para Para.)

5 kommentarer:

  1. The music is so catchy that it's impossible to concentrate on learning the dance. That's why.

    You boob :-P

  2. True, true. Though Hinoi Team are rather bleak. Japanese girls should dance to this music, not sing it. Leave that to the Italians.

  3. I'd like to see you do a little Para Para dancing! Put it up on Youtube!

  4. Don't be such a coward. I know you have it in you, and you're just aching to release your more artistic side on the world!


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