torsdag 2. september 2010


Folk is more than dreary men with guitars singing dreary songs about dreary subjects. It's also more ... danceable tunes, for instance in a ... germanic style, about subjects of the utmost importance to the future of humanity. Yes, really ...

Anyway, it's Tom Smith again. He had to return, after the overwhelming attention his last performance got.

3 kommentarer:

  1. What's up with having to be invited to visit Den Tvilsomme Humanist?

    That stuff is just balooney!

  2. Neivi: Den eneste inviterte er meg. Jeg har sperret den for alle andre inntil videre, mens jeg tenker over hva jeg skal gjøre med den fremover.

  3. Aha. Da er det altså ikke en inndeling i klasser, i ønskede og uønskede individer, og slik fordelt at jeg er blant de uønskede.

    (Noe slikt hadde selvsagt vært greit hvis jeg var blant de ønskede).

    Good to know.


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